Healthcare facilities have a unique set of regulations and requirements, and healthcare providers are constantly striving to improve patient experience.  In addition, compliance and litigation concerns often require a close scrutiny of medications, equipment, staff, and procedures. Our employees are knowledgeable on the systems that handle these issues in an efficient cost effective manner.

With spending on healthcare information technologies increasing at 24% a year, there is much at stake even when making the simplest of technology decisions.  Therefore, it is important for a healthcare provider to make sure that they are getting the most for their money.  Trust Stansell HCT to be your trusted partner and technology integrator when it comes to critical decisions about the systems that make your facility run.

Where health care and technology connect.

Stansell Health Care Technologies is a trusted advisor in planning, selecting, and deploying solutions in facilities of all size and level of complexity.  It does not matter whether you manage a large campus hospital, a long term care facility, a multi-tenant medical office building, a single doctor’s office, or a small department lab.  Our consultative approach results in a proven combination of world class patient care and unmatched facility efficiency.


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